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  • suitable for many equestrian disciplines
  • especially suitable for sports with speed
  • works off nose, chin and poll
  • versatile English or western bit
  • center piece has rollers that keep horse happy
  • gives rider good control with nose, chin and poll pressure
  • 3 rings for 3 different rein positions
  • works of nose first, then chin and poll
  • great control at speed
  • useful for many equestrian sports
  • great for control at speed
  • horse responds first to nose pressure
  • rollers in center can calm a nervous or fidgety horse
  • 3 rings to choose where to attach reins
  • works on nose pressure first
  • versatile bit for young horse or tuning up older horses
  • 2 rings to choose to attach reins
  • works off nose, chin and poll
  • generous wide port gives ample tongue room
  • combines pressure of nose, chin, and poll
  • rider has more control, especially at speed
  • mildest mouthpiece in terms of tongue pressure
  • 3 rings lets rider choose where to attach reins
  • popular bit for jumping, barrel racing, and endurance
  • low port that is titled 45 degrees
  • works off nose, chin and poll
  • versatile bit - 3 ring choices to attach reins
  • this bit is an attention getter
  • correctional mouthpiece gives rider control
  • 3 rings make bit versatile
  • narrow port puts pressure on tongue
  • 3 rings to choose where to attach reins
  • popular in English and western disciplines
  • long shank offers two rein positions
  • popular with western disciplines with speed
  • works off nose first, then the bit engages
  • combined action of bit and hackamore
  • two rings for noseband and chin strap
  • special slot to attach reins
  • combination of tongue relief and tongue pressure
  • tongue release encourages forward
  • combines action of bit with a hackamore
  • provides tongue relief to relax and go forward
  • great for a timid horse
  • combines action of bit and hackamore

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