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Easyboot Trail Boots - free shipping!

    Easyboot Trail Boots - free shipping!
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    • easy to apply - opens up wide
    • boot stays on even in mud, water and sand!
    • affordably priced

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    EasyCare Easyboots Trail Boots

    Not only are the Easycare Easyboots Trail Horse Boots attractively priced, they fulfill the desire for very easy to apply hoof boots. If you have a horse that has difficulty standing for a time on 3 legs or is impatient, these revolutionary Easyboots open right up, wide - easy to slip the hoof into place. It can easily be put on and removed by young or old hands. No force needed. Secure, quick and easy double Velcro® closure at the rear!

    The infinitely variable, but simple attachment system means great fit for a broad spectrum of hoof sizes and shapes throughout the trim cycle. Sold as single units so that each hoof can be fitted correctly or to replace a worn or damaged boot. The rear double Velcro® attachment protects the entire hoof wall and keeps the boot firmly in place.

    This good-looking horse boot fits neatly at the top with a soft collar. Debris is prevented from getting into the boot. Extended wear resistance is provided by the toe strike plate.
    Perfect for horses that have hooves that are slightly longer than wide, but also works well on round and long hooves. The Easyboot Trail is not suitable for horses with much wider than long hooves, and is not intended for long distance or endurance riding. Ideal for leisure/medium distance riders who ride up to 25 miles a week (1 - 1 ½ hours a day). Designed to allow for up to eight weeks growth for most horses.

    With a correctly fitted boot you can ride through mud, water, rocks, sand, and anything else you can find without fear of losing a boot. Superb traction - free stride and good break-over. Backcountry riders and trail riders will love this boot!

    The tough Cordura upper and toe plate makes this horse boot tougher and more durable than any other hoof boot in its price range.
    The Easycare Trail hoof boots are also ideal for replacing a lost shoe on a shod horse. It can also be used over shoes for extra protection (although this use will void the warranty).

    A variety of pads can be used inside this boot (Old Mac Pads will fit this boot), which is a great aid for transitioning barefoot horses.

    We recommend adding EasyCare Gaiters for additional comfort (sold separately).

    Boot Sizing/Fitting Tips:
    Once you have measured the freshly trimmed hoof, have a look at the Trail sizing chart. Find where your length falls on the chart first. For example, if your length is falling into a size 5 and your width into a size 3 or 4 - do not despair - you can purchase inserts (available separately on this website), to take up the extra width. If your width is falling into a size 5 and your length into a size 3, you may have to look at a different boot. Don't panic id the padded collar at the top of the boot does not fit tightly around the pastern. You should be able to run your fingers around the inside of the padded collar area. The boot should go on easily - if you have to pound, shove, push or grunt to get it on; it is too small!

    Order options:
    Sold individually.
    Choose Size: 11 sizes - size range: 0-12*
    *NOTE: Sizes 7 through 12 are an additional $s. Price will change accordingly with size selection.

    Sizes 11 and 12 are not included in the size chart. The measurements for these two large sizes are:

    Size 11 Width: 6 1/8 - 6 1/2" (155-165mm) Length: 6 5/16 - 6 11/16" (160-170mm)
    Size 12 Width: 6 1/2 - 6 7/8" (165-175mm) Length: 6 11/16 - 7 1/8" (170-180mm)

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    1. Easyboot Trail Size Chart
    2. How to Measure Your Horse for Sizing

    3. Easyboot Trail - Fitting your Boot on Your Horse

    4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Part 1

    5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Part 2

    1. Easyboot Trail Size Chart
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    2. How to Measure Your Horse for Sizing
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    3. Easyboot Trail Fitting your Boot
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    4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Part 1
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    5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Part 2
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