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Trailer Eyes Plus - 2.4GHz Horse Monitoring Systems

    Trailer Eyes Plus - 2.4GHz Horse Monitoring Systems
    ProductID: TE-0912

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    • specifically built for horse trailers
    • reception is guaranteed
    • features dual outdoor booster antennas

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    Trailer Eyes® Plus - 2.4 GHz Instant Wireless Horse Monitoring System: TE-0912

    The Trailer Eyes® Plus, 2.4 GHz Instant Wireless Horse Monitoring System with up-graded features is your perfect answer to wirelessly monitoring your horse. Maximum signal sending and reception is ensured by the provision of two (2) outdoor weatherproof booster antennas.
    The system is simple and portable, with the ability to be quickly and easily set up, partially because of the clamping base on the camera. This base has been newly developed, and improved on from past models. It is also easy to adjust the camera for your best view each trip, depending on the number of equine passengers you have in your trailer. A battery case has been incorporated into the clamping base. If you don't have a power source a 9v battery will keep the camera operating (2 hours in daylight, 1 hour at night).


    Camping out overnight? Sleep a little more peacefully by clamping your camera on a post or tree, knowing that you can continue monitoring from your tent or living quarters. When not traveling, your Trailer Eyes Plus can be set up in a myriad of places you might need surveillance.

    We love helpful devices, especially if they help you be safe, and can do double duty, and this is one such device. Trying to hook up the ball and hitch can be a real test of patience and skill at times. Your Trailer Eyes Plus can be used as a very handy back-up camera. It also has a diverse range of different options for supplying power to the system. These include not only the 9v battery, but also a 12v car lighter jack power unit, 12V trailer lighting system power, vehicle emergency jumpstart battery pack, or 110 / 240v house power (110 / 240v power adapter is optional and is sold separately).


    Whether your trailer journey is one with 6 horses plus living quarters, or one with a simple 2-horse bumper pull, Trailer Eyes Plus takes minutes to set up so you can get on your way and enjoy a worry free trip. Certainly this is one of the essential safety devices for anyone with horses.

    For more information, system operation limitations/uses and kit contents, please check our "Tech Info" tab.
    NOTE: Be sure to read and follow instructions for using and driving safety.

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    1. System Operation Limitations/Uses
    2. About the Trailer Eyes 2.4 GHz Instant Wireless Monitoring System.

    3. Model TE-0912 Features.
    4. Model TE-0912 Specifications - Camera & Monitor.
    5. Visual help: a) Installation Guide  b) Lining up trailer ball and hitch.
    6. Visual guide: Kit contents - TE-0912.

    1. System Operation limitations/Uses:

    System operation limitations/uses:
    - for trailer 30 feet or less
    - (2-3 horse trailer, with/without living quarter, noose neck or bumper pull)
    - as a barn cam / foaling (for distances up to 300 feet between barn and house)
    - back up camera for vehicle
    - monitoring your horse on an overnight camp
    - monitor can receive up to four camera signals

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    1a. About the Trailer Eyes 2.4 GHz Instant Wireless Monitoring System
    About the Trailer Eyes 2.4 GHz Instant Wireless Monitoring System:
    Need to keep an eye on your horse while he's in your trailer, or just plain curious to know what he's doing and how he handles the curves? This is a wonderful, easy and affordable answer to address these needs.

    Trailer Eyes is an user-friendly, wireless monitoring system. It can be set up in 5 minutes without drilling holes in your trailer. Because it's portable you can easily adapt for other uses - perhaps as a foaling monitor and for other barn and stable activities. We're sure you'll find many reasons to keep a watchful eye on the inside of your trailer and elsewhere. The kit includes additional adapters.

    Trailer Eyes was bought to the market after years of development and testing, perfecting this system just so you can keep a watchful eye on your horses or livestock in your trailer, as you travel down the road.

    This device is very user friendly, and there is no need for holes to be drilled. Although it runs on battery power (a single 9V alkaline battery will last 5 hours on daylight mode, 3 on night vision) you can use an optional hard-wire adapter kit, or adapt to 110V for barn or stable use. The kit comes ready-to-use. Helpful for aligning trailer ball and hitch.

    Never worry about your horses again!

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    3. Model TE-0912 Features:

    • 2.4GHz wireless camera , Infrared night vision, color , weatherproof camera
    • No need to drill holes in your trailer, can be setup in 5 minutes
    • Permanent camera mounting bracket is included (Installation required)
    • Adjustable color monitor (Brightness, contrast)
    • Booster antenna for better reception
    • 10 meter range Night Vision camera. Can be operated in total darkness
    • Camera's power source can be from a 9v battery or trailer's lighting power system
    • A single alkaline 9V battery can operate the camera up to 2 hours in day time,
    • 1 hours under night vision mode. A 9v battery is included
    • 12V trailer lighting power adapter for camera is included
    • Monitor in the truck is powered by cigarette lighter jack

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    4. Model TE-0912 Specifications - Monitor & Camera.

    Monitor Type---------------    
    Screen Size----------------
    Wireless Frequency--------
    Supply Voltage-------------
    Consumption Current------
    Operation Humidity--------
    Received Frequencies------
    Color configuration---------
    Video System---------------

    Color TFT-LCD
    2.4 GHz
    DC12V, 500mA Ripple: <120mVp-p
    300 mA Operation Temperature----- 14F~+140F
    85% RH (Max)
    2414; 2432; 2450; 2468 MHz
    4 ¼” x 3” x 2” (Excludes antenna)
    6 oz.


     Transmission Frequency----------
    Transmission Power---------------
    Operating Frequency-----
    Unobstructed Effective Range-
    Operating Temperature -----------
    Storage Temperature --
    Operating Humidity ---------------
    Imaging Sensor Type -------------
    Picture Total Pixels ---------------
    Horizontal Resolution ------------
    View Angle ------------------------
    Minimum Illumination ----               
    Night Vision Range ---------------
    Consumption Current ------------
    Power Supply----------------------
    Dimensions(W×D×H) ------------
    Weight ----------------------------
    ISM 2,400~2483 MHz
    10mW/CE; 2mW/FCC
    2414MHz; 2432MHz; 2450MHz; 2468MHz
    400 ft. Maximum
    10 ~ +50(Degree C) / +14~ +122 (Degree F)
    20 ~ +60(Degree C) / -4 ~ +140 Degree F)
    CMOS Color
    PAL: 628×582 Pixels , NTSC: 510×492 Pixels
    380 TV Lines
    PAL 60°; NTSC:40°
    10 meter
    85mA(IR OFF) & 160mA(IR ON) (Max.)
    DC +8V ~ 9V
    1 ¾” x 2 ¼” x 3 ¼” (w/antenna)
    6 oz. (Excludes clamping base)



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    3. Visual help: a) Installation Guide  b) Lining up Trailer Ball and Hitch.

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    4. Visual guide: Kit contents:

    Trailer Eyes TE-0912 can be set up in 5 minutes. Everything you need to set up the system is included in the box.
    Photo of contents provided under list.
    Other than a 9V battery, everything you need to set up the system in 5 minutes is included in the kit. 9V batteries are available at just about every gas station or grocery store - rechargeables are also available at some stores. Batteries and recharger are also available on this site.

    • Windshield suction mounting bracket for monitor
    • Clamp and magnet base booster antenna for monitor, with 16 ft. long cable
    • Clamp and magnet base booster antenna for camera, with 16 ft. long cable
    • Monitor ( 3.5", 2.4 GHz. color, wireless)
    • Camera (with automatic infrared night vision, weatherproof, color
    • Permanent mounting bracket for camera
    • Car lighter power adapter for monitor
    • Clamping base with built-in battery case for camera
    • 12v trailer lighting power adapter for camera
    • 9v battery(Alkaline , non-rechargeable) for initial setup

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