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Matrix English Endurance Saddle Pads - Coolback

    Matrix English Endurance Saddle Pads - Coolback
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    • English endurance style pad with optional inserts
    • non-slip, anti-friction surface - secure, stable saddle position
    • protection, support, breathability - for intense long-distance riding

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    Matrix English Endurance Saddle Pads - Coolback

    The Matrix English Endurance Saddle Pads - Coolback® bottom lining is formulated to withstand the rigors of equestrian use. Its consistent quality, breathability, density and thickness gives durability and great concussion protection. The lining has excellent recovery after use and washing. Provides maximum protection every time you sit in the saddle.

    Matrix Endurance Series:
    The Matrix Endurance Series Pads are specifically designed for endurance riding. They offer the maximum amount of protection, support and breathability required for intense long distance riding. The Endurance Series Pads are an all-in-one pad, like the Competition Series.

    These pads feature a fleece bottom that is bi-level. There is 1" of pile under the saddle, and 1/2" pile behind the leg. This feature provides improved heat dispersal. The fleece stops on either side of the girth area for close contact.

    Hook and loop billet straps and girth straps.

    The special ergonomic design for endurance protects and supports the trapezius muscle over a wide area.

    etc™ Fabric:
    Usually non-slip depends on friction for grip, but friction creates heat. The etc™ fabric provides a non-slip surface with great grip, but because it is anti-friction heat build-up is minimized. Stain-resistant, easy to clean.

    Linear quilting has breathable/wickable batting and polycotton twill bottom.

    The pad comes with a spine-closure pocket for inserts. NOTE: The foam on the Pro-Impact insert is 13mm thick, compared to 5mm on the Half Pads and Competition Pads. Inserts are also sold individually on this website.
    Made in the USA.

    Pad dimensions:
    - Length - 25" (21" not counting the roll)
    - Center of pad to end of flap - 19.5"
    - Flap Width - 13" (not counting the roll)

    See our "Tech Info" tab for information on inserts, materials, and more.
    Matrix Saddle Pads - full range.

    Toklat Matrix T³ System Saddle Pads:

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    1. About the T³ System.
    2. About the Materials (Sheepskin, Woolback®, Coolback®).
    3. Customized Back Protection (Pro-Impact™, Lo-Impact™, Ortho-Impact™) - Inserts.
    4. The Technology (Poron® XRD™, Poron® XRD™ Density, ETC™ Fabric).

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    1. About the T³ System:
    The T3 system is an innovative approach to equipment manufacturing. The Matrix Saddle Pad line is part of this system that integrates the latest ergonomic research with the most popular time-tested features. It marks a transformation in the design of products for the art, sport, and science of riding.
    It is a process where comfort, style, and performance are engineering into the product systematically, from the inside-out. It is based on new insights into the interactive dynamics of equine physiology.

    Matrix pads are proudly made in the USA. 90% of the materials used in the pads are also made in the USA.

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    2. About the Materials (Sheepskin, Woolback®, Coolback®).

    • 100% Australian Sheepskin - tanned in New Zealand
    • eco-friendly, environmentally-safe tanning process - minimizes toxic or harmful chemicals
    • merino-cross hides - perfect density to create the ideal pile - resilient, durable, cushioning
    • over 1" pile provides the best protection with closest contact possible in a natural hide
    • high breathability (live fiber) because air passes through the hollow fur fiber
    • consumer-safe - can be used in medical and infant-care industries
    • has earned the AWI Woolmark logo through meeting stringent testing and specifications

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    • 100% virgin wool provides superior moisture wicking/heat dispersal
    • wool blended with small % polyester - creating resilient pile, durability
    • highly breathable - air circulates within the pile and passes with ease through the woven backing
    • 1" pile = ideal density + thickness - for concussion protection and comfort
    • easy to clean - machine washable, dryer safe
    • made in the USA
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    • 100% polyester orthopedic fleece - specially formulated to withstand the rigors of equestrian use
    • consistent quality - no variations as is common in natural hides
    • superior breathability - air circulates within the pile and passes with ease through the woven backing
    • 1" super resilient pile = ideal density + thickness - for concussion protection
    • excellent recovery over long-term use and washing - provides maximum protection every time you sit in the saddle
    • easy to clean - machine washable, dryer safe
    • can be bleached (use bleach for colored fabrics on colored fleece)
    • made in the USA
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    3. Customized Back Protection (Pro-Impact™, Lo-Impact™, Ortho-Impact™) - Inserts.
    The Matrix inserts have been designed using the T³ principles of ergonomic design and advanced technology.

    When choosing your Matrix pad, choose the inserts most suited to your horse's needs. Inserts can also be purchased separately so that you can switch inserts to suit different horses or your different needs, whilst still using the same pad.

    Pro-Impact™ - Ultra-light, High Performance - Concussion Protection
    Lo-Impact™ - Viscous elasticity for advanced cushioning - Conditioning Protection
    Ortho-Impact™ - Impact absorption with dynamic support - Supportive Protection

    • for athletic performance and intense schooling
    • ultra-light, ultra-thin layer of high density Poron® XRD™
    • The Poron® XRD™ absorbs 90% of impact shock - providing superior concussion protection
    • Poron® XRD™ is high performance open-cell foam - absorbs most of the energy from impact of the saddle on the horse's back ALSO from the rider on the saddle
    • the foam protects the horse from impact
    • the foam minimizes the energy bounce-back (experienced by the rider when landing in the saddle)
    • minimized energy bounce-back = more secure seat
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    • for general riding and schooling, low impact training
    • especially beneficial for horses in a conditioning program
    • recommended for horses with back issues
    • low density viscoelastic (VE) foam
    • foam mimics the density of muscle tissue
    • offers a wide, supportive base without restricting or inhibiting muscle movement
    • allows for expansion of soft tissue required to condition and build muscle
    • creates an environment for optimal muscle conditioning
    • because of its thickness - does not dissipate heat as rapidly as Pro-Impact™
    • use is confined to low impact riding where cushioning properties are paramount
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    • for general riding and schooling
    • especially beneficial for saddle stabilization and compensating for horse conformation problems
    • for riders who need back support
    • two layers - Poron® XRD™ and viscoelastic (VE) foam
    • Poron® XRD™ layer is ultra-light, high density - minimizes concussion
    • viscoelastic (VE) foam (medium density) - stabilizing support for both, saddle and rider.
    • Poron® XRD™ has Mircoban® - forms a high performance open-cell foam that absorbs 90% of the energy from impact from the saddle on the horse's back - also minimizes the energy bounce-back that a rider experiences landing in the saddle
    • provides a more secure seat
    • VE foam - offers maximum cushioning protection without restricting range of motion
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    4. The Technology (Poron® XRD™, Poron® XRD™ Density, ETC™ Fabric).
    Poron® XRD™

       Poron® XRD™ with Microban® antimicrobial protection is high performance open-cell foam - offering the best protection from repeated shock absorption.
    When an object comes in contact with the foam, XRC™ immediately firms and absorbs 90% of the energy. This creates a protective shield that absorbs the impact.
    The foam then returns to a submissive state where it remains flexible and non-restrictive.
    • air-permeable open cells - resist collecting moisture and perspiration on skin surface
    • the flex of the material allows free circulation of air
    • perforated Poron XRD™ further ventilates the material - provides better heat and moisture management
    • Microban® inhibits bacteria, mold, mildew
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    Poron® XRD™ and Density

    The density of foam is measured in pounds per cubic foot (pcf).
    Standard foams: the denser the foam, the heavier it is.
    With Poron® XRD™ the molecular structure = high level of impact absorption (even at lower densities).
    This allows for development of ultra-lightweight inserts that protect the horse, but doesn't add unnecessary weight like other pads with gels and memory foams.
    T³ inserts use Poron® with a density of 12 pcf. Hex XRD™ is 22 pcf.  

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    ETC™ Fabric

    The advanced technology of Etc™ fabric creates a non-slip but anti-friction surface.
    Usually "non-slip" depends on friction for grip.
    Friction creates heat.
    Etc™ minimizes heat buildup by providing a non-slip surface that grips, but has anti-friction properties.
    ETC™ Fabric is more stain resistant than poly/cotton. Poly/cotton is the traditional fabric used for saddle pads.
    Etc™ washes easily ad well. Machine washable, dryer safe. Can be bleached (use color safe bleach for colors).
    Made in the USA.

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