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    • improved gaiter system with smoother surface
    • aggressive tread for success over all kinds of terrain
    • horse boot material stretches for a snug fit

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    EasyCare Easyboots Gloves

    A Revolutionary Horse Boot Design
    This form-fitting, seamless EasyCare Easyboots Gloves - hug the hoof and responds like a natural foot for your horse's natural hoof care and protection. Flexible and tough, Easyboot Gloves and Easyboot Gloves Wide have an aggressive tread pattern and still allow free stride and breakover.

    Fits Like a Glove
    Like a glove, this boot provides protection without stifling mobility. The Easyboot Glove material stretched over the hoof and clings to the hoof wall so debris stays out of the boot, even in sandy or muddy conditions. There is no external hardware so there is no need to worry about replacing cables or buckles. Studs (see Easyboot Glove Accessories) are available separately for winter riding.

    Keys to Success
    Success of the Easyboot Glue-On is determined by accurate measurements and a snug fit. Do not assume that, if your horse wears a certain size in another boot style, he/she will wear the same same size in a Glove. If you are not certain of the size your horse/s require you may wish to order an Easyboot Gloves Fit Kit.

    The optional Power Straps are a key accessory to the Easyboot Gloves. The Power Straps are recommended for aggressive riding, hilly terrain and muddy conditions. The Power Straps tighten the fit of the Easyboot Gloves but does make application slightly more difficult.

    Normal (regular) boot offered in sizes #00 - #4 with 1/2 size increments; Wide boot offered in sizes #0W - #3W with 1/2 size increments. Wide Easyboots are available on this website as a separate item.
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    Using & Fitting
    What Boot is Right for you?
    Easyboot Glove & Glove Wide Sizing Information
    Easyboot Glove & Glove Wide Size Chart

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    Using & Fitting

    What boot is right for you?

    Product Information

    Fitting and Removal

    Using the Fit Kit

    Shell Flexibility

    Slow Motion: Walk

    Slow Motion: Trot

    Slow Motion: Canter

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