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Trailer Eyes Video Recording Device - Model TE-0811-USB

    Trailer Eyes Video Recording Device - Model TE-0811-USB
    ProductID: TE-0811-USB

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    • multiple-use wireless video grabber/recording device
    • record video images onto your computer
    • limitless places and occasions to use

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    Trailer Eyes Video Recording Device - Model TE-0811-USB

    The Trailer Eyes® Video Recording Device, Model TE-0811-USB expands your use of the Trailer Eyes B2 wireless monitoring system. This video grabber allows you to view and record images onto your computer, from wherever your surveillance camera is set up.


    Some of the situations you may find this useful for might be foaling, following horse events, watching any trouble spots on your farm or in your barn or stable, and perhaps monitoring your entry gate. Having a recording of some events can be imperative at times, and can help with learning experiences, or training people regarding possible situations and scenarios.


    This device has a USB connector on one end, and the opposite end has a socket to plug in the monitor antenna. There is a channel indicator, and a channel button, also a power indicator light. To use, the antenna needs to be unplugged from the monitor and then into the TE-0811-USB. Then this is plugged into a computer's USB port. Initially the software provided on a disc (included in the TE-0811-USB package) will need to be uploaded, but once done, the images from the camera(s) can be viewed on the computer, and recorded if need be. Combined with existing free download remote desktop software, it is also possible for you to be able to watch all activities of your monitor subject live at anywhere online.

    Recording images to your computer can cover 24 hours - provided your computer has sufficient space.

    For system requirements and Trailer Eyes® warranty details, please see our "Tech Info" tab.

    • IBM compatible PC(running Windows SE ME, 2000, Vista, XP, Windows 7)
    • USB port
    • Honestech VHS toDVD 2.0 SE Image software (included on the installation disc)
    • Trailer Eyes® U602WD recording device (included in the package)
    • Trailer Eyes® TE-0811 B2 Camera with booster antenna (sold separately)
    • Trailer Eyes® TE-0811 B2 Monitor/receiver booster antenna (sold separately)


    Warranty (as offered by Trailer Eyes®):


    • Trailer Eyes® products are guaranteed with a one year warranty, which covers workmanship and materials. The warranty is limited to repair or replacement.
    • This warranty becomes void if the product shows evidence of having been misused, mishandled or tampered with contrary to the applicable instruction manual.
    • Normal cosmetic and mechanical wear and tear are not covered under the terms of this warranty.
    • The warranty does not cover the shipping cost, insurance or any other incidental charges.
    • Call Trailer Eyes® before sending any product back or repair. They will issue you a return authorization number and the instructions for warranty service. They will need a copy of the purchase receipt and a brief explanation of the problem.
    • To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Trailer Eyes®, its subsidiaries and licensors hereby disclaim all liability arising out of any use of this product and its contents.

    Technical support and warranty: Please call Trailer Eyes® 1-630-513-9591.
    Or email to
    The above Warranty is offered by Trailer Eyes®, not by Action Rider Tack.

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