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Equi FlexSleeves

    Equi FlexSleeves
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    • use instead of cumbersome standing wraps
    • reduces any bandage rub
    • compression sleeve with antimicrobial technology

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    Equi FlexSleeves

    The Equi FlexSleeve fits snugly over your horse's pastern to become a compression sleeve/therapeutic joint support for him. Use the sleeve instead of traditional standing wraps. Some of the benefits gained from using the sleeve instead of the wraps are being able to wear the sleeves for longer periods of time, and the sleeve's ability to allow heat to dissipate. Using the sleeve eliminates immobilizing the joints, and will remain in position while the swelling decreases.


    You will appreciate not having to worry about getting your wraps too tight, which can cause more harm to your horse. The element of error by human hand when applying wraps is eliminated as the Equi FlexSleeve has no adjustable straps or fasteners. The sleeves are washable and dryable, and have the wonderful properties of being antimicrobial, breathable, with heat dissipation and moisture wicking. The sleeves also dry quickly.


    The Equi FlexSleeve is a proprietary blend of multi-tensioned fibers that are infused with antimicrobial technology. When fitted over the pastern they offer 20-30 mmHg of compression at the fetlock joint when you are applying them to a mildly or moderately swollen leg. Made in the USA, knitted in North Carolina, packaged in Ohio.

    Click on our "Tech Info" tab for more information and sizing help.
    Sold in pairs, for front legs, or hind legs.

    The XSmall Hind and Small Front are exactly the same size. There is no difference is the shape of the front or hinds, so just order what length works for the legs of your horse.

    Measuring, Sizing and Fitting - Measuring Your Horse in Inches:

    1. Length: Along the cannon bone to just above the mid-point of the pastern
    2. Top: Around the circumference of the cannon bone
    3. Bottom: Around the circumference of the widest point of the fetlock
        joint NOTE: Graphic shows this teal arrow lower down - measurement
        should be as stated - at the widest point of the fetlock joint.

    Size Selection (in Inches):

    NOTE: EquiFlexSleeves are marked with a colored band on the inside of the lower hem. This allows you to determine the size once the sleeves have been removed from their packaging, used or washed. 

    Yellow -Small Front & Extra Small Hind   Black - Small Hind
    Light Blue - Medium Front                      Red - Medium Hind
    - Large Front                              Green - Large Hind

    Preparing your Horse's Leg:
    1. Pick out the hoof and check for any rough edges - these may cause the sleeve to snag.
    2. Thoroughly wash the leg with mild soap. Applications such as fly spray or coat enhancers may cause the sleeve to
        shift or slide.
    3. Time off the horse's ergots (growth on back of fetlock). Overgrown or rough edges may catch the fabric and cause the
        sleeve to pull at the back of the leg.
    4. Brush the leg to flatten hair and remove any remaining dirt.
    5. Allow leg to dry completely before applying the sleeve.

    Applying the Sleeve:

    1. Remove the sleeve from packaging and stretch lengthwise.
    2. Lift horse's leg in the same manner as when picking out thehoof.
    3. Place a plastic bag over the hoof (this eases application and keeps the fabric from
    4. Work entire sleeve over the hoof and allow horse to place foot back on the ground.
    5. Pull the sleeve up the leg beyond desired position.
    6. Slide the sleeve back down the leg and into proper position (this will flatten the hairs
    7. Gently "pluck" the sleeve to remove any puckers or wrinkles.

      Caring for your Sleeves:

    1. To preserve hems/prevent fraying - fold top hem down and lower hem up before
        removing from leg.
    2. Machine wash on gentle cycle/warm without bleach (anti-microbial application will last
        40-50 washes).
    3. Place in dryer on low heat for 10-20 minutes to dry.


    The horses (in the logo, on sleeve) should face the top of your horse's leg when properly applied.

    Applying upside-down may cause adverse effects!

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