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HAF 8200 Endurance Saddle Pads

    HAF 8200 Endurance Saddle Pads
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    • great treeless saddle pad
    • skin friendly and cooling for your horse
    • wear resistant and very easy to clean

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    HAF 8200 Endurance Saddle Pads

    HAF 8200 Endurance Saddle Pads are very well made and cleverly designed treeless saddle pads that fit perfectly under many styles of saddles. It adds stability to any saddle and is widely used for many treeless models and riding modalities. The HAF 8200 Endurance Saddle Pad has a soft Sympanova lining which does not absorb the horse's sweat and is very skin friendly. The nodules of the Sympanova material gently massage the horse and create some airflow and cooling. Riders love this saddle pad for it's practicality. You can just wipe down or hose off the pad after the ride or throw into the washing machine.

    HAF Equitation has its origin in Endurance riding and has never stopped supporting this sport. In this sport the quick evaporation of heat from the horse's back is critical along with a pad that offers great support from the pressure of the rider's weight over great distances. HAF Equitation has been refining their saddle pads in particular for the endurance sport for the last 10 years.

    The Dry Sec top layer with its net type structure allows quick evaporation and cooling for the horse. This material is very strong and wear resistant and very easy to clean.

    Top Line Length - 24", flap length 19"
    Air System Technology

    Air System Technology: Horse sweating is 5 times higher than human one. However, sweating is a very significant process for the balance of the horse's inner body temperature. For this reason, it is important to use materials which do not interfere with it. This is exactly what Air System Technology is about!

    A special combination of materials worked out by Haf Equitation, Air System guarantees a through perspiration and a real comfort for your horse.

    The rubbery membrane of Sympanova is the
    core of the Air System technology. The semi-sphere structure allows the vascularity of the epidermis. Each sphere is 3cm distance from the other and thus enables a normal sweating.

    Washing Instructions: 

    HAF pads are designed with horse and rider comfort and convenience in mind. Not only does it have high technology
    fibers and a design to create a pleasureable experience for your horse and you, it is also simply a breeze to clean!
    • The HAF pad can be cleaned one of two simple ways, either wipe your pad down or use a hose to spray it off and let it air dry. 


    • For a more thorough clean, put it in the wash on the gentle cycle (max temp: 40 ºC; 104 ºF) We recommend washing your HAF pad with our gentle, softening Kookaburra Woolwash. Then,  lay your pad flat to air dry.

    • Do Not Bleach
    • Do Not Iron
    • Do Not Dry Clean
    • Do Not Tumble Dry - lay flat to dry

    The HAF 8200 Saddle Pad measures:How To Size an English Saddle Pad

    • Top Length:24"
    • Overall Length:25.5 "
    • Flap Length:19"
    • Padding:1"

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