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Da Brim Rezzo Helmet Visor Sets

    Da Brim Rezzo Helmet Visor Sets
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    • bill attaches with Velcro to tilt up or down
    • attaches to helmet securely
    • fits helmets with no brim or small brim

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    Da Brim Rezzo Helmet Visor Sets

    Control the amount of shade you need with the Da Brim Rezzo Helmet Visor Sets, especially when conditions vary within a single ride. The visor comes as a two-piece system that allows you to change the position of the bill to cope with different sun angles and riding conditions. This repositioning is easy as the bill attaches with Velcro. When the sun is down low you can angle the bill downwards. Shift the angle up for full sun riding or visor can be removed completely.


    Less glare. Easy to use - tighten the band around your helmet, fasten the bill in place, and you're on your way! The gap channel allows air upwards, promotes cooling, relieves air pressure so visor stays put. Go ahead, gallop!


    It is very lightweight and water resistant, with a reinforced bill edge to add stability. This model only works with helmets with a removable or small pre-integrated visor. Other Da Brim® products are available for helmets with non-removable visors over 1" in width. Great for endurance and trail riding, especially if windy.

    The bill is UPF 50+ rated/protected. Hand wash, hang to dry. All bill colors have a black underside, and attachment band is also black. Made in the USA.

    • Attachment band: 100% Nylon (exclusive of decoration).
    • Solid colors: 100% Nylon. Prints: 50% Nylon, 50% polyester.
    • Bill width - 3 1/2", approximately 2.3 oz.
    • Also available on this website - Da Brim Rezzo Helmet Bills - Replacement.
    • Helmet is NOT included.

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    Installation of Rezzo Helmet Visors:


    The Da Brim® Rezzo helmet visor product line is designed to be installed to an outdoor sports helmet. It can be used with non-motorized sports,including pedal-powered bicycling, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, roller skating, climbing, paddling, and equestrian sports. Da Brim® is not designed for and should not be used with motorized sports helmets and classes 5 & 6 whitewater helmets. Da Brim® should not be used other than instructed herein, nor should Da Brim® be modified.
    NOTE: The instructions below may be condensed or modified since publication. Be sure to read instructions fully, as provided with your visor.
    Da Brim® Rezzo helmet visor installation is quick and easy!
    The Rezzo helmet visor is provided as multiple pieces: Attachment band (1) and Bill (2). An optional rear friction tube (3) is for use with helmets that are rounded or do not have a nook to fit the strap at the back of the helmet. For helmets such as this you should unthread the strap from the buckle, slide on the rear friction tube, then rethread the strap through the buckle before beginning. If your helmet has a removable visor, you should remove the visor before installing Da Brim® Do not use this product with helmets with non-removable visors.
    Step 1: Begin with a loose adjustment strap on the attachment band.
    Step 2: Hold the band so that the buckle is in your right hand and identify the center front. This is located between the two stitches.
    Step 3: Hold your helmet upside down with the helmet's front pointed away from you. Align the center front of the band and the helmet and work the band around the helmet so that the band rests on the contours of the helmet. The band should wrap around the  bottom surface of the helmet.
    Step 4: Use your right hand and put your thumb on the inside of the helmet, gripping the band and helmet together.
    Step 5: Turn the assembly right side up while still holding it with your right hand. Work the strap into an indentation in the back of the helmet. For rounded helmets, be sure you're using the rear friction tube.
    Step 6: Pull helmet up to your bicep and grab strap and tighten, using your thumb against the helmet as leverage. Tidy up the excess strap by passing it through the rubber ring. Not that if the rear friction tube is required, be sure to alight it at the center back of the helmet. 
    Step 7: To install the bill, align the center of the bill and helmet and press the sides of the bill (with loop fasteners) onto the hook fasteners of the attachment b and at the desired angle. Walk you palms toward the front of the helmet and tightly press the bill against the mating fasteners on the band, as shown. Check to ensure that the hook and loop fasteners are secure.

    IMPORTANT! ... Be sure to leave a gap between the bill and accessory band to relieve air pressure. The faster you go, the larger the gap you will need to prevent air pressure from building up and generating lift that may cause your  helmet to become positioned improperly. Minimum recommended gap (measured at center front) is 1/2"if you experience lift during use, safely slow down, come to a safe rest position, and reposition the visor bill to generate a larger gap. Always make sure the straps on your helmet are tight as per the helmet manufacturer's instructions.

    Step 8: Check for the correct installation before each use. Centers of helmet and Da Brim® should align. Always ensure the adjustment strap on the band is tight. The attachment band should always wrap around the contours of the helmet and seat below the front helmet surface, as shown, to prevent detachment. Check by pulling upward on the center front of the visor bill as if in wind flow - the Da Brim® assembly should not be loose or detach from the helmet. If the Da Brim™ does not seat as described herein, do not use the Da Brim® with this helmet. Failure to properly seat the Da Brim® assembly could result in the assembly unseating during use and startling you or others, or obstruction your vision, which may lead to serious injury, or even death.
    Step 9: The front visor model Da Brim® is equipped with hook and loop fasteners for attachment of the visor bill to the attachment band. Always make sure the hook and loop fasteners are secured tightly before each use; if you do not, the front visor could getc aught in the wind, fly away, or flip down, and obstruct your vision, which may lead to serious injury or even death. Inspect hook and loop fasteners regularly for wear. If the fasteners do not function properly, discontinue use of this product. Always use caution when riding. Do not ride in places, such as near overhanging branches, where the bill or straps could get caught - if the bill or strap is caught by a branch or other object, it could cause abrupt head movement and/or a crash that may cause serious bodily injury or death.
    Step 10: After the Da Brim® visor assembly is installed on the helmet, follow the helmet manufacturer’s instructions for fitting the helmet. Then, while the helmet and Da Brim® visor assembly is fitted, and prior to using the helmet and Da Brim® in an activity, check to ensure that the Da Brim® does not obstruct your vision. Pay attention to your peripheral vision. Should your vision be obstructed by the Da Brim®, remove the helmet and reinstall the Da Brim® visor bill and/or attachment band. After proper installation of the Da Brim® assembly to the helmet, your vision should not be obstructed.
    To remove the Da Brim® from the helmet, wait until you are at safe location and at a rest position, then disengage the Da Brim® by releasing the tension on the strap by pulling up on the buckle. Pull up on the Da Brim® assembly to remove and separate the bill from the attachment band for storage.
    IMPORTANT: Read instructions provided with your Da Brim® Rezzo Helmet Visor Set - in particular warning details, returns, Limited Warranty and Disclaimer, Limited Liability - outlined below. These warnings also cover liability on behalf of Action Rider Tack.
    WARNING! The Da Brim® visor is not a safety device.
    WARNING! Adult Supervision Required.
    WARNING! The Da Brim® visor may affect the ability of the helmet to slide during a crash.
    WARNING! The life of the Da Brim® Rezzo helmet visor may be less than 2 years.
    Limited Warranty & Disclaimer  
    Product Returns  
    Limited Liability  


    RATINGS FOR Rezzo Helmet Visor:

    RATINGS Guide:

    Ultraviolet Protection Factor. Da Brim products are
    rated at UPF 50+, the ultimate in sun protection,
    and block 97.5% of UV radiation.

    Wind rating. Da Brim engineered their products to
    withstand the wind forces imposed by outdoor
    activities. Aerodynamic performance varies by
    amount of coverage and starts at 25mph (min),
    continues to 35 mph (mid), and up (max).

    Shade Level (1-3). With visors that shade the
    face like a beloved baseball cap (1) to large full
    brims (3), Da Brim has the selection you need.

    Water resistant. DaBrim products are designed to
    take whatever mother nature throws at you.

    Adjustable angles. Select products have the
    ability to adjust visor angles to your needs.
    Lower the visor when the sun is low on the
    horizon, or raise the angle mid-day. It's your

    The Da Brim company is proud to make their
    products in the U.S.A. Their American
    craftsmen meet strict standards to create
    the highest quality.

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