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Action Rider Western Endurance Trail Saddle Pads

    Action Rider Western Endurance Trail Saddle Pads
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    • high profile for excellent wither relief
    • fabulous back protection
    • molds to the contours of horse's back

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    Action Rider Western Endurance Trail Saddle Pads

    The exclusive Action Rider Western Endurance Trail Saddle Pads by Equipedic are truly the ultimate saddle pads for world class riders. Yet, they are ideal for everyday use on the trail and in the arena. Made exclusively for Action Rider Tack, these saddle pads feature a high profile for excellent wither relief as well as all the wonderful benefits found in all Equipedic Saddle Pads.

    There is no other saddle pad like it! The saddle pad utilizes the latest in space age technology and proven existing technology to bring you the ultimate in equine comfort!

    The use of ConforPedic Impact Reduction Material™ allows the pad to contour and flex with your horse's movements to absorb shock and protect your horse's back. It will conform to your horse's back and saddle and eliminate poor saddle fit. And the high profile design in this pad provides excellent wither relief.

    This is a saddle pad that actually lowers the body surface temperature of your horse, increases the transcutaneous oxygen levels of your horse's back, increases energy levels, and speeds muscle recovery. All while protecting it's back!

    Perfect for 100 mile races, multi-day rides and everyday use. Your horse will have more energy and experience faster muscle recovery.

    The saddle pad's underside is lined with breathable natural wool felt combined with Celliant® (formerly known as Holofiber) to increase blood circulation, and EquiKOOL™ (Outlast® technology) to lower the surface body temperature of your horse when under performance. The top is a breathable 1000 denier Cordura® that is uncoated to further promote ventilation and durability. The EquiGrip™ strips on the Cordura® cover also prevent the pad from slipping.

    The EquiPedic Saddle Pads are the ultimate in equine comfort!

    • higher wither relief profile
    • extra tabs for fastening to D-rings
    • slightly smaller size to fit short-backed horses

    The Action Rider Western Endurance Trail Saddle Pads will provide plenty of wither relief and a smaller outline to fit nicely on the smaller horse.

    Hand wash and air dry recommended for best results. Remove inserts first.
    For more information see our "Tech Info" tab.

    Order options:
    The tabs will fit to the Freeform or Barefoot saddle D-rings.
    Pad measurements: Top Length: 26.75", Overall Length: 27.75", Flap Length: 15.75".
    Image Information: Shown with Enduro Saddle
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    1. EquiPedic Pad Warranty
    2. Links related to Equipedic Saddle Pads (pdf documents)
    3. Breathability comparison chart
    4. Pad measurements
    5. Saddle Pad Usage Instructions
    6. Saddle Pad Washing Instructions

    1. EquiPedic Pad Warranty:

    One (1) Year workmanship warranty on the pads, lifetime warranty on the
    integrity of the foam (that it will return to shape but does not
    include tearing), six 6 months workmanship warranty on cinches and girths.

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    2. Links related to Equipedic Saddle Pads (pdf documents):

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    3. Breathability comparison chart:

         390% More Breathable Than Some Competition

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    4. Pad Measurements:

     The A.R.T. Western Endurance Trail Pad:
    • Top Length: 26.75"
    • Overall Length: 27.75"
    • Flap Length: 15.75"
    • Removable Inserts: 1"

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    5. Saddle Pad Usage Instructions:

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    6. Saddle Pad Washing Instructions:

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