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Toklat Woolback Dressage Girths

    Toklat Woolback Dressage Girths
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    • durable construction
    • machine washable
    • natural wicking properties

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    Toklat Woolback Dressage Girths

    Toklat’s Woolback Dressage Girths feature durable construction to provide years of use. Woolback® is the coolest, most natural material to put against your horse and was specifically engineered to stand up to the rigors of riding.

    The natural wicking properties of fleece increase the ventilation and cooling effect of rapid moisture evaporation, reducing heat build up and galling. This extra heavy, machine washable wool pile fabric is faced with strong nylon webbing and features 2 center D-rings for breastplate attachment. A strong heavy elastic with stainless steel roller buckles are located at both ends to insure horse comfort and fit at all times.

    Order options:
    Choose fleece color: Available in Natural color only.
    Choose webbing color: Available in Black or Brown.
    Choose size: (Girth sizes are measured buckle-end to buckle-end, in inches.) Size Range: 16" - 30" or custom.
    If your size is not included please call us on our toll-free number 877-865-2467. We will be happy to help you.

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    What size of girth for your horse?

    I am often asked the best way to determine the correct length of a girth. My tip: With a measuring tape measure from a hand breadth above the horse’s elbow on one side down under the belly to a hand breadth above the elbow on the other side. Girth lengths are always given from the end of one buckle to the end of the other. This measuring method ensures that buckles lie sufficiently over the points of the elbows.

    What is Woolback?
    A Toklat innovation. Woolback® was specifically designed to stand up to the harsh rigors of everyday riding. This extra heavy, machine washable wool pile fabric provides the ultimate protection for your horse's body. It is superb for long hours of heavy riding where all the advantages of natural wool are so important. It is ideal for schooling, trail and endurance riding.

    Check out the added benefits of WoolBack®

    Wool is Natural For the horse owner, no other fiber combines comfort, safety and durability like wool.
    Wool is Absorbent While synthetics only trap moisture between fibers, wool actually absorbs 80% of its own weight in moisture. Keeps your horse's back moist, not wet.
    Wool Breathes Wool is very porous, allowing for continuous air circulation and the release of moisture during use.
    Wool Does Not Slip Unlike any other fiber, natural wool has minute "barbs" that grip the hair on your horse's back to keep the saddle pad from slipping.
    Wool is Tough Wool's natural resiliency reduces wear and with proper care it will provide years of soft cushioned protection for your horse.
    Wool Looks Great Wool does not soil as quickly as synthetics because the unique structure of the fibers resists dirt penetration.

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