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Myler Bits English Dee with Hooks MB03

    Myler Bits English Dee with Hooks MB03
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    • copper roller can calm a nervous horse
    • curved shape, center roller comfortable on tongue
    • choose where you attach reins and bridle

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    Myler Bits English Dee with Hooks MB03

    The Myler Bits English Dee with Hooks MB03 has a copper roller that can calm a nervous horse. It is a D shaped ring with fixed attachment of the mouthpiece and slots "hooks" at the top and bottom of the ring for the bridle and rein attachment. There is a small hole behind the top slot for a curb chain. When the rein hook is used it is an indirect action bit. If the rein hook is not used it is direct action.

    Attaching the headstall to the top hook holds the bit in the correct position instead of allowing it to slide around the bridle cheeks. Attaching the reins to the hooks allows the rider to lift the cheek and use the Independent Side Movement of the mouthpiece. (if available). Using hooks does not add leverage.

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    Stainless Steel 3 3/4" Dee with Hooks with Stainless Steel Comfort Snaffle with Copper Roller (MB 03, Level 1) Copper Inlay.

    The Comfort Snaffle with Copper Roller mouthpiece is the Myler alternative to the traditional three-piece mouthpiece commonly used in snaffle bits.

    • When the reins are engaged the MB03 will rotate fully on to the tongue in order to apply the necessary tongue pressure to teach a horse to give to the bit or break at the poll.
    • The bars of the bit are curved so the bit wraps the bars and lips of the mouth instead of pinching them when it rotates on to the tongue.
    • The curve makes more room for the tongue under the bit.
    • The barrel distributes the pressure kindly on the tongue.
    • The Copper Roller on the center barrel can comfort horses that are restless or nervous.

    The Myler Level One horse would:

    • Be young and inexperienced
    • Be just beginning training
    • Be riding in a discipline that restricts bits to snaffle with jointed mouthpiece

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