JMS Stirrup Leather Sheepskin Covers

JMS Stirrup Leather Sheepskin Covers

    JMS Stirrup Leather Sheepskin Covers
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    • prevents pinching from English stirrup leathers
    • available in solid tube or Velcro® closure style
    • ride in shorts in summer if you want!

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    JMS Stirrup Leather Sheepskin Covers

    JMS Stirrup Leather Sheepskin Covers prevent pinching from your English stirrup leathers. Available with a Velcro back fastening for easy on and off or in a solid tube style for smooth comfort. These sheepskin English stirrup leather covers are especially popular in the summer months for those riders who like to ride in shorts. Fits all English leathers.

    NOTE: For Freeform Easyfit Leathers select the VELCRO® option. The solid tube style covers will NOT work with Freeform Easyfit Leathers and other similar type webber leathers - (it is extremely difficult to get the t-buckle end back up inside the sheepskin tube to thread it through the leather hole). Other types of English leathers are fine because you can thread them in and adjust them from the top.

    JMS Stirrup Leather Sheepskin Covers are made of quality Merino wool that will last for years of riding. When needed wash by hand or on the gentle cycle. We recommend Kookaburra Wash.)

    NOTE: Different options have different pricing. Pricing will apply with selection.

    Click on "Tech Info" tab for color choice details/swatches.
    JMS sheepskin colors:
    Black, Burgundy, Chocolate Brown, Grey (Silver), Hunter Green, Medical Ivory, Navy Blue, *Pink (soft), Red, Tan, White.

    Medical Ivory
    - is best for sensitive-skin horses and people in wheelchairs/bed pads, etc.
    All the above colors are all ONE-INCH WOOL pile on the sheepskin hide, except PINK.
    *The soft pink is JMS's newest color (approx. color of pink heart on color swatch image, below), and it is short-shorn to 5/8 inch wool height (best for halters, nosebands, etc.). It is available for saddle seats but won't be as cushy as the other colors.
    Red, Green and Pink are JMS custom colors.
    For Merino Sheepskins, the true "natural" color is JMS's "white". That's how the sheep's wool looks after it has been washed and the sun-burnt lanolin wool-tips have been trimmed off.

    JMS makes everything on their ranch. All by American Labor.
    JMS will also do custom orders, including items in the medical markets. 
    JMS does NOT make carseat covers or clothing. 

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