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Bitless Bridles by Dr. Cook - Beta
Bitless Bridles by Dr. Cook - Beta

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Bitless Bridles by Dr. Cook - Beta

Bitless Bridles by Dr. Cook in Beta are made of a synthetic material that combines the strength of nylon with the easy care of vinyl. Beta is particularly popular with trail and endurance riders, since the material requires no maintenance and can be subjected to virtually any conditions without being affected. Beta is a leather-like synthetic composed of a nylon core with a vinyl coating. It is impervious to dirt and sweat, and will give you years of use with no maintenance required. The material stays supple in freezing weather and doesn't dry out or get brittle with age. Beta is durable and easy to clean - just dunk in a bucket of water, swish around and hang to dry. It has a slightly grainy surface and low-sheen surface, which gives it a leather-like appearance. Beta is a little heavier than nylon.

Reins are NOT included. Purchase matching reins separately.

Dr. Cook's Bitless Bridle works on an entirely new concept compared with other bridles, including all other bitless bridles; i.e., the Hackamores, bosals and sidepulls.

The Bitless Bridle is special because of the way it works. It provides control by applying gentle and painless pressure, distributed to the whole of the head. There is pressure across the poll, behind the ears, down the side of the face, behind the chin and across the nose. It does not depend for its control primarily on poll flexion. Whereas the bit exerts focal pressure on the mouth, The Bitless Bridle distributes its pressure over a wide area (one or both sides of the head, depending on whether you are steering or stopping) and over less sensitive tissues (skin and mainly underlying muscle). It does this through two loops, one over the poll and one over the nose. Essentially, it gives the rider an inoffensive and benevolent headlock, as compared with the bit's potentially offensive and painful control of the mouth.

The Bitless Bridle, because it spreads the pressure and applies it to less sensitive tissue, is more humane than a bit. At no one region of the head does the degree of pressure amount to anything more than a squeeze. In this way, the bridle promotes improved performance without inflicting pain, without interfering with breathing or striding, and without disturbing that sense of partnership and harmony between horse and rider that is a fundamental of good horsemanship.

The Bitless Bridle provides better steering than a bit or hackamore, and more reliable brakes than a bit or sidepull. Being painless it doesn't precipitate the one hundred or more behavioral aberrations in the horse that are bit-induced. Freedom from fear favors calmness. A calm horse spooks less readily and recovers more rapidly. No longer distracted by pain, a horse is able to pay attention and becomes more obedient, compliant and manageable. Injuries to the rider arising from a horse rearing, bucking, bolting or having a panic attack are less likely.

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