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We specialize in treeless saddles, and also traditional Western and other tree'd saddles. We've got what you and your horse need for long distance, western, trail, endurance, arena work, competitions, and of course - just plain riding around and having fun, with or without a tree!

Saddle Trial Program

You can try the saddle for one week (7 days) after receiving it to decide if it’s a good fit for you and your horse. Keep it clean, keep the tags. Ride in a controlled area, do not go on a trail ride. If you mark it up, scratch it, or damage it, you cannot return it. You cannot return a used saddle pad or girth/cinch. Use your own saddle pad to try the saddle if possible. If after one week you decide to return the saddle, you will be charged a $100 restocking fee and you pay to ship the saddle back to us. Send us a message if you would like to try a saddle sales@actionridertack.com
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Barefoot 'Cheyenne' Limited Edition Mustard Barefoot Cheyenne Limited Edition Mustard Demo size 2
Our Price: $1,190.00
Sale Price: $1,090.00
DP Saddlery El Campo Del Flor DP Saddlery El Campo Del Flor
Prices Start at $3,898.00
Dp Saddlery Jerez Dp Saddlery Jerez
Base Price $4,253.00
Dp NovaFlex Leon Dp NovaFlex Leon
Base Price $2,688.00
Dp NovaFlex Duett DL Dp NovaFlex Duett DL
Base Price $3,929.00
Dp NovaFlex Bolero DL Dp NovaFlex Bolero DL
Base Price $4,346.00
Dp NovaFlex Libra Dp NovaFlex Libra
Base Price $3,837.00
Dp NovaFlex Tango Dp NovaFlex Tango
Base Price $3,837.00
Barefoot® PRO 'Tahoe' Barefoot® PRO 'Tahoe'
Our Price: $1,390.00
Barefoot® PRO 'Nottingham' Barefoot® PRO 'Nottingham'
Our Price: $1,390.00
Barefoot PRO 'London' Barefoot PRO 'London'
Our Price: $1,400.00